I discovered the joy of baking back in 2002 after I gave up my 8 year long career in hotels to start a family. I had always been fascinated by the home baking style of business. During my travel to different European countries I came across many restaurants and bakeries run by families, I would find myself strolling into the shops to fill my senses with the aroma rising from the oven and essence of love coming out of the family’s kitchen.

Inspired by the fact that creating food was labour of love for these people rather than just being food, I ventured into different ‘home-baking’ businesses which were less industrial type and more personalised. I had a lot of satisfaction and success in doing that.

I started baking cupcakes for my daughter and her friends. My friends pointed it out to me that these cupcakes tasted as delicious as they looked and looked as good as they tasted, a combination not to be found in the cupcake business. It also became clear to me that the cupcakes that I was baking were being eaten as much by adults as by the children!!

In my opinion, the simplicity and versatility of cupcakes make them perfect for any occasion, from a barbie doll party to a graduation day party, from a baby shower to a bridal shower, from a teen birthday celebration to celebrating octogenarians and so on. Hence, I embarked on this new project of making personalised, hand crafted gourmet cupcakes to bring joy to everyone celebrating an occasion or just celebrating life.

Cup o’licious!